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Trust does not come by itself, trust has to be earned. We adhere to five guiding principles that provide a framework for our actions.

Statement to the Code of Conduct of grenke AG

We, grenke AG ("grenke"), consider our Code of Conduct and our Rules of Behaviour (grenke's integrity guideline), as the ethical framework guiding our actions and decisions. As a service provider, we offer our customers and partners simple and fast financing solutions and support them with consistent quality, trustworthiness and reliability.

We employ people from different nations and cultures. Through the guidelines above, we intend to ensure that the values and principles defined therein, which make up our corporate culture, are adhered to by our employees throughout our global organisation. The Board of Directors is responsible for the enforcement of these guidelines, of which the essential values and principles are described below:



We treat all people with appreciation, fairness and respect. We respect our customers and partners and promote their fair and respectful treatment. Ethical and legal standards form the basis of our actions. We encourage each and every individual to think and act proactively and, thereby, assume personal responsibility. We attach particular importance to the binding nature of our statements. We comply with the applicable laws and regulations. We ensure that our human and financial resources are used responsibly in a sustainable manner in consideration of the generations to come to safeguard our existence and ensure the further development and implementation of our strategies. We identify with the principles of transparent corporate governance and comply with the Corporate Governance Code, which is set out in the current Declaration of Conformity in our Annual Report.



We accept our social responsibility towards society. We consider well-trained, qualified employees as an essential pillar for the company’s success. We view the training and further education of people as an investment in our company’s future and a part of our social responsibility. We organise community, youth, sports and cultural projects and make donations to institutions that serve this purpose to an appropriate extent, all within the scope of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We reject all forms of child and forced labour and condemn all forms of exploitation and discrimination.

We also treat the company’s assets with the utmost responsibility, especially with respect to the sustainable conservation of resources. We generally examine all investments, purchases, expenditures and outlays in terms of their necessity, usefulness, environmental compatibility and sustainability.



We are loyal to our employees and consider equal treatment, non-discrimination, the protection of human rights (especially human dignity) and compliance with the applicable laws as a matter of course. We follow up complaints from employees until they are resolved and punish violations consistently. We recognise the right of our employees to receive appropriate remuneration, and we adhere to the work hour regulations applicable in each country. We place trust in our employees, as well as in their individual and our common strengths, and are committed to their ongoing advancement and development. We take our duty of care towards our employees very seriously. Above all, we attach great importance to complying with the applicable safety regulations and protecting against health risks. We promote and integrate an appropriate risk culture in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws – especially the German Stock Corporation Act and supervisory laws – by communicating and exemplifying values when dealing with opportunity and risk situations and punishing the actions that conflict with them.



We handle company and customer information and data in general responsibly. The requirements of the laws, guidelines and internal regulations applicable to data protection are observed. The principles of data protection (lawfulness, fairness, transparency, purpose limitation, minimisation of data; accuracy; storage limitation; integrity, and confidentiality) are particularly important. In the development and execution of all business processes, the right to privacy is protected and information security is guaranteed on the basis of and in accordance with the applicable legal requirements for data protection and IT and data security. We comply with legal obligations to retain information and documents. Attention is paid to the observance of the secrecy and confidentiality obligations of the employees and violations are punished accordingly. The laws governing the handling of insider information and insider trading, as well as the resulting requirements and consequences, are made known to employees through the insider policy, which forms part of their employment contract.

We provide our shareholders and investors with all necessary information in high quality and transparency in a timely manner. We comply with the applicable statutory reporting regulations and deadlines.



Pursuing one’s own interests that are in conflict with our corporate code or the grenke Integrity Guidelines "Rules of Conduct" is not permitted. We offer our customers professional services tailored to their needs at a price commensurate with the quality of the services. We therefore do not tolerate inappropriate compensation. We also do not tolerate bribery, any forms of corruption or "kickbacks", regardless of the local cultural environment in which we operate. We do not accept gifts that are inappropriate or those that could lead to a conflict of interest.

Code of conduct for creditors and suppliers

Transparency and trust are the basis of good cooperation. Therefore, we expect our creditors and suppliers to adhere to the same principles to which we are committed.