Social Contribution

At GRENKE, we are convinced that we can only ever achieve great things together. That is why we promote equal opportunities, equality and innovative strength.

Employer attractiveness

Well-qualified employees make the difference for us. Especially since business and work processes as well as legal framework conditions change quickly. Motivation, knowledge and continuous training are therefore particularly important to us.

GRENKE Engagement Score

We want to maintain our position as attractive employer and offer our employees a safe and appealing working environment. As part of our annual satisfaction survey among all employees, we determine the GRENKE Engagement Score. It measures the employee satisfaction, summariseing the results from the areas “commitment”, “identification and retention”, and “overall satisfaction with the company” in a score.


We want to attract, promote and retain the best employees - regardless of culture, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical/mental abilities, faith, political convictions, age or experience. By signing the Diversity Charter, we commit to Diversity as fundamental building block of our organisational structure.

Working time models

We promote a good work-life balance through flexible working time models and attractive remuneration.

  • Support in Special Life Time Situations: We support employees in challenging life phases. The programme allows employees to reduce working hours to 80 percent for up to two months at full pay
  • Welcome Newborn: We offer all new parents the opportunity to reduce their working hours to 75 per cent for the first six weeks after the birth at full pay.


Company Bike: We enable our employees to lease tax-privileged bicycles and eBikes in order to make the option of climate-friendly commuting more attractive.

Care costs: We contribute to the care costs for young children and relatives in need of care of our employees. We grant a monthly allowance of EUR 250 per dependent relative. Families also receive a childcare allowance of EUR 250 for the first child up to school age. For the second child, EUR 125 are granted, and EUR 50 for each additional child.


Trainings provide new know-how for our company and promote innovative strength, performance and willingness as well as job satisfaction of our employees. By offering a wide range of training opportunities tailored to individual needs, we enable continuous qualification and personal development.

Vocational Trainings and University Degrees

We want to offer the best possible training conditions for a individual and needs-oriented development of our trainees and students. For our commitment to vocational trainings, we were ranked in the category "Germany's Best Training Company" for the fifth consecutive time by the business magazine Capital in 2022.

Opperational Health and Safety

We promote the well-being of our employees and ensure that their workplaces are safe. A prerequisite for safety-conscious behaviour is to inform employees about hazards at their workplace and to promote safety-conscious behavior. In line with the increase in remote work, we have added content on occupational health and safety and the use of remote work to our range of training courses.

Respect for human rights

We unconditionally respect human rights. Within our compliance management, rules for equal treatment, anti-discrimination and respect for human rights are defined in our code of conduct, as well as in the internal and external guidelines and policies applied. In this way, we also improve our ability to receive and respond to complaints from employees and external persons.

Customer security and satisfaction

Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs - above all SMEs - with the best possible support for their investments and financing. In total, our clients consist of more than half a million SMEs. We are present in more than 30 countries through both direct and indirect sales. To ensure our lessees' satisfaction, we focus on simple and quick financing solutions, as well as personal services, tailored to the business needs of our lessees and business partners. We complement our financing offering with the products and services of GRENKE BANK and GRENKE Factoring.

Innovation and Partnerships

For us, corporate responsibility also means giving back to society and supporting organisations or projects that are not directly related to our value creation. Always with a view to the respective region and our brand values - simple, fast, personal and entrepreneurial. These criteria are set out in our "GRENKE Corporate Sponsorship & Donation Guidelines".

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