Social Contribution

At grenke, we are convinced that we can only ever achieve great things together. That is why we promote equal opportunities, equality and innovative strength.

Achieving more together

At grenke, our focus is on people - be it our employees, our customers or society around us. Satisfying our customer's needs and the success of our company are largely based on the skills of our employees. Their promotion and development is therefore essential to us.

Employer attractiveness

Skilled employees are crucial to our success, especially considering the rapid changes in business practices, workflows, and legal regulations. Motivation, expertise, and ongoing training are therefore of utmost importance to us.

grenke Engagement Score

We aim to maintain our reputation as an attractive employer and provide our employees with a safe and inviting workplace environment. As part of our annual satisfaction survey, we calculate the grenke Engagement Score to gauge employee satisfaction. This score encompasses engagement, identification, loyalty, and overall satisfaction with the company, measured on a scale of 1 to 7. In the 2023 financial year, we achieved a favorable result with an engagement score of 2.1 (compared to 2.0 in 2022). We are committed to enhancing organizational satisfaction based on feedback from our employees.

Working time models and remuneration

We encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing flexible working hours, part-time options, and competitive compensation packages. Additionally, our digital infrastructure provides employees with diverse opportunities for flexible work arrangements.


Family and Work Reconciliation Measures

  • Support in Special Life Time Situations: We assist employees during challenging phases of their lives. The program allows employees to reduce their working hours to 80 percent for up to two months while receiving full pay.
  • Welcome Newborn: We offer all parents the opportunity to reduce their working hours to 75 percent for the first six weeks following the birth of their child, with full pay.
  • Nursing and care costs: We contribute to care expenses for children not yet of school age and for relatives in need of care. We provide a monthly allowance of EUR 250 per dependent relative. Families also receive a childcare subsidy of EUR 250 for the first child, EUR 125 for the second child, and EUR 50 for each subsequent child.
  • Company bike: We facilitate the leasing of bicycles and e-bikes for our employees at advantageous tax rates, promoting eco-friendly commuting options.

Workplace training and development

As business and work processes evolve, along with changing legal frameworks and resulting demands, ongoing training brings fresh expertise to our company. It fosters innovation, enhances performance and motivation, and boosts job satisfaction among our employees. We offer a diverse range of training programs tailored to individual needs, enabling continuous qualification and personal growth. In 2023, 99% of all colleagues participated in grenke Talent Lab training courses, with employees, on average, dedicating 29 hours per year to learning.

Vocational trainings and university degrees

Our goal is to retain talented junior staff and managers, particularly amidst skill shortages and demographic shifts. We strive to provide optimal training conditions for the individualized and needs-based development of our apprentices and students. In 2023, our dedication to training management was recognized for the seventh consecutive year by the business magazine Capital, earning us accolades in the categories 'Best Trainers in Germany' and 'Best Trainer for Dual Studies in Germany'. Additionally, in 2023, 58 individuals across the Group (compared to 47 in 2022) are enrolled in dual study programs. We also offer various apprenticeships. You can learn more about them here:

Operational health and safety

We prioritize the well-being of our employees and ensure that workplaces are conducive to their health and safety. A crucial aspect of ensuring safety is to inform employees about workplace hazards and encourage safe behavior. In response to the growing prevalence of remote work, we have expanded our training program to incorporate content on occupational health and safety while working remotely. We outline our approach and the necessary measures for safeguarding the health and safety of our employees in our health and safety policy (OHS policy).

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

We aim to attract, develop, and retain top talent in the long run, irrespective of cultural background, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, faith, political beliefs, age, or experience. By signing the Diversity Charter, we have pledged to uphold diversity as a cornerstone of our organizational structure. In order to enhance diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities, we initiated an interdisciplinary project in the 2023 financial year. The objective of this project is to advance our existing measures and reinforce our corporate culture.

Respect for human rights

Respecting human rights is fundamental to our values. Within our compliance management framework, rules regarding equal treatment, anti-discrimination, and respect for human rights are outlined in our Code of Conduct and applied guidelines. We have implemented measures to prevent the tolerance of child or forced labor, modern slavery, and human trafficking throughout our value chain and procurement processes. We unequivocally condemn coercion, threats, or exploitation of vulnerabilities in any labor-related activities.

Customer security and satisfaction

Our objective is to offer entrepreneurs optimal support for their investments through financing. Our customers include over half a million small and medium-sized enterprises. We operate in over 30 countries through both indirect and direct sales channels. To maintain high customer satisfaction levels, we prioritize straightforward and expedient financing solutions, coupled with personalized service tailored to the specific business requirements of our clients. In addition to our financing options, we complement our offerings with products and services from grenke Bank and grenke Factoring.

Innovation and partnerships

For us, corporate responsibility entails giving back to society and supporting organizations or projects that may not be directly linked to our business operations. We do so while considering the specific region and aligning with our brand values: simplicity, speed, personalized service, and entrepreneurship. These criteria are outlined in our 'grenke Corporate Sponsorship & Donation Guidelines'. As part of our corporate responsibility and social commitment, we support sports, culture, education, and initiatives that benefit children and young people.

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