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What is it that makes successful entrepreneurs different? We think it’s the courage to innovate and keep bringing ideas to life. Here at GRENKE, we have a penchant for ‘doers’. And the appropriate financing solutions. The GRENKE vision and mission are testament to that.

What we believe in

Our customers and partners are entrepreneurs. Just like us. That’s why innovation, foresight and customer focus are firmly rooted in GRENKE’s genes. 

The GRENKE vision

The future belongs to entrepreneurs who pursue their ideas with enthusiasm and determination, and with a clear vision of the resources required at the right time. Because you can’t conquer a market without financial breathing space.
GRENKE works alongside you from day one with tailor-made leasing, banking and factoring solutions that help you reach your goals faster and more easily.

How we work

Simple. Fast. Personal. And always tailored exactly to your needs as an entrepreneur. Our solutions are made for your business. 

The GRENKE mission

Regardless of whether you need cash to stay afloat or want to upgrade your office communication, GRENKE has fast, easy financing solutions for the next step in your development.
We’ve been helping SMBs for 40 years, so we know exactly what they need. But we never rest on our laurels. We’re constantly evolving both the company and our solutions so that we can support you a little more effectively every day.

What we stand for

We want to encourage SMBs to dare more: more innovation, more growth and more success. That’s why we provide fast, simple, compelling financial solutions.

One-stop financing

GRENKE provides up-to-date solutions for financial independence, all under one roof: from flexible leasing of your machinery and IT systems to needs-based banking products and practical receivables management. 
Personal proximity to our customers and partners is as important to us today as it was on day one. Our focus has always been on creating added value for you. We’ve been doing it for over 40 years. True to our maxim: “Fast. Forward. Finance.”