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The GRENKE AG Supervisory Board

The GRENKE Supervisory Board advises and monitors the Board of Directors. The firm’s founder Wolfgang Grenke has been a member of the Supervisory Board since stepping down from the Board of Directors in 2018.

Prof. Dr. Ernst-Moritz Lipp


Professor Lipp is an economist and a recognised figure in the financial sector who served on the Board of Directors at Dresdner Bank for several years.


Interim Deputy Chairman

The Supervisory Board of GRENKE AG has elected Jens Rönnberg on October 1 2020 as interim Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


Jens Rönnberg was appointed to the Supervisory Board of GRENKE AG in November 2019 on the basis of his expertise as a tax consultant and auditor.



Norbert Freisleben has extensive knowledge of German and international accounting as well as in the preparation, auditing, and analysis of corporate financial statements of various industries. He combines wide-ranging business know-how with entrepreneurial experience in establishing medium-sized companies in his work as a supervisory board member.

Nils Kröber


Nils Kröber was appointed to the Supervisory Board of GRENKE AG due to his many years of expertise in national and international tax law. He provides advice focusing on tax law to international and national companies, entrepreneurs and private entities. At the same time, he has many years of experience in advising large family-owned companies.

Dr. Konstantin Nikolaus Maria Mettenheimer


Dr Konstantin Mettenheimer was elected to the Supervisory Board of GRENKE AG due to his expertise as a lawyer and tax advisor in a global law firm spanning several decades. He has a wealth of successful management experience in international management positions with the same firm. He holds an EU-wide licence to manage financial services providers.

Dr. Ljiljana Mitic


Ljiljana Mitic combines finance and management experience with an in-depth knowledge of IT and office communications.