Baden-Baden, September 21, 2020: The Grenke family continues to pursue its investment in GRENKE AG and reaffirms its long-term commitment to the Company. The Grenke family, whose shares are pooled in Grenke Beteiligung GmbH & Co. KG, currently holds a share of 40.84%. Wolfgang Grenke himself holds an arithmetical share of about 8%. 


Following the example of other listed companies with significant family ownership, the members of the Grenke family are mutually bound and obligated through the articles of association of Grenke Beteiligung GmbH & Co. KG. Through this arrangement, the family offers long-term security and orientation to the Company and the other shareholders. The family also committed to a substantial portion of the 2020 scrip dividend of GRENKE AG. In expressing its commitment, the family had chosen to receive the dividend for 50% of its shareholding in the form of shares, thereby subscribing to approximately 60% (84,026 shares) of the newly issued shares.

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