Responsibility and Trust

GRENKE is committed to responsible corporate governance and manages and monitors its processes accordingly. We possess a compliance management system, money laundering and fraud prevention, and a system for information security. Respectful and ethically correct behavior are essential for us and are therefore anchored in writing in the GRENKE Code of Conduct.

Leading by Example

As a company in the financial sector, acting in a legally binding and ethical manner is fundamental. To ensure this, GRENKE has numerous measures, structures, and processes in place that are controlled by a comprehensive compliance management system.

Compliance Management

Our Compliance Management at GRENKE.

Money Laundering and Fraud Prevention

We rely on various measures to prevent money laundering and fraud.

Information Security

A glance at our Information Security Management System at GRENKE.

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Transparent and safe

At GRENKE, compliance extends to all business activities and processes. We act in accordance with all legal, regulatory and internal regulations.

Compliance Management

Our Group-wide compliance management system (CMS) helps us meet the various international requirements and prevent risks. To ensure compliance with all national and international requirements and guidelines, all 33 countries also have local compliance officers. Our whistleblower platform "GRENKE Integrity Line" offers all internal and external stakeholders the opportunity to bring potential breaches of regulations to our attention - around the clock and in full anonymity.

Money laundering and fraud prevention

We counter potential money laundering and criminal acts with our specially qualified employees, work instructions, guidelines and checks. For this purpose, we have appointed national money laundering officers throughout the Group to monitor and assure legally compliant actions. Further, our retail partners receive regular training and information on money laundering regulations and developments. In addition, we are setting up an IT-based transaction monitoring and KYC tool that will automate and digitize what were previously largely manual processes.

Information Security

In order to protect the information we process in the best possible way, we are constantly developing our information security management system. Compliance with regulations and laws, in particular the minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) and the banking supervisory requirements for IT (BAIT), form the basis of our actions. All measures, processes and controls are based on the ISO 27001 standard and the IT security maturity model according to COBIT (internationally recognized framework for IT governance) and are being successively expanded.

Corporate Governance

Here you find further information regarding our Corporate Governance.


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